New Mizuki manga, Tezuka Kickstarter in the works

Drawn & Quarterly announced yesterday that it has acquired the license to Shigeru Mizuki’s GeGeGe no Kitaro, which they seem to be titling simply Kitaro for their release, and will publish it in 2013. They have also published Mizuki’s Onward Toward Our Noble Deaths and NonNonBa.

Lissa Pattillo rounds up the Digital Manga news from Fanime, including the fact that they have plans for another Kickstarter to fund an Osamu Tezuka work, since the last two did so well.

Lissa also checks out this week’s new manga releases in her On the Shelf column for Otaku USA.

Lori Henderson’s latest license request: Gekkou no Aria (Garnet Cradle), which is based on a reverse harem game for girls.

News from Japan: Shinobi Life creator Shôko Conami has just launched a new series, Shikabane Cherry, in Gekkan Princess magazine.


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