Looking back at BEA

I was at Book Expo America this past Wednesday, taking part in the Hot Graphic Novels panel (in which I recommended several manga, including Sakuran and Jiu Jiu). Linda Yau has a concise writeup of the panel for the Lincoln Heights Literary Society, and Torsten Adair has posted covers, sample spreads, and other info for all the books at The Beat. This was my first time at BEA, and I wasn’t sure what to expect; although it’s not about manga, I enjoyed Emily Gould’s writeup at The Awl, Four Hours in the Totebag Capital of the World. It’s worth the click just for her description of walking to the Javits Center (“conveniently located at the intersection of 34th Street and the Hudson River”).

I went over this week’s new releases at MTV Geek, and Sean Gaffney looks at the week ahead at his blog.

Melinda Beasi and Michelle Smith discuss some recent releases and even take a request in their latest Off the Shelf column at Manga Bookshelf.

Matt Blind has the list of manga best-sellers (online sales) from the week ending April 1.

Shaenon Garrity sings the praises of CLAMP’s X/1999 (now being re-released by Viz simply as X) in her latest stint as guest writer for ANN’s House of 1000 Manga column,

Derek Bown’s latest Combat Commentary is Armstrongs vs. Sloth in Fullmetal Alchemist.

And at Manga Therapy, Tony Yao looks at a key battle in Air Gear.

News from Japan: Puella Magi Madoka Magica illustrator Hanokage is launching a spinoff in October, to coincide with the release of two Madoka Magica movies. Yuna Kagesaki is bringing AiON to an end in the next issue of Monthly Dragon Age. And ANN has the latest Japanese comics rankings.


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