Bishonen and ANTI-BISHONEN

Sean Gaffney looks over next week’s bumper crop of new manga.

Also, ANN has the list of new additions to JManga for the next week or so, including some more one-volume romance manga.

Jason Thompson calls Path of the Assassin “the anti-bishonen manga.” Actually, he calls it “THE ANTI-BISHONEN MANGA.” Find out why in his latest House of 1000 Manga column at ANN.

Molly McIsaac counts down the top ten gay manga at iFanboy. Whatever you may think of her list, it seems odd that so many people bothered to comment that they don’t like manga. Guys, that’s so 2004!

At Blog of the North Star, Milo is really enjoying Toriko, all the more so because he’s getting it for $3.99 a volume during Viz’s digital sale.


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