New manga, Viz digital, and Okazu’s first decade

Lissa Pattillo has the list of this week’s new manga—and her recommendations—in her latest On the Shelf column at Otaku USA, and the Manga Villagers make their picks as well. Sean Gaffney, meanwhile, looks forward to next week’s bountiful list.

Kellie Foxx-Gonzalez lists ten licensed manga (well, nine licensed manga and one that we would all like to see, actually) that won’t make feminists want to tear their hair out.

Tony Yao looks at ten characters who smile through their tears at Manga Therapy.

Deb Aoki rounds up the digital news at Viz, including their new Android app and their 20% off sale on digital manga.

Congratulations to Erica Friedman on the tenth birthday of Okazu! Check out her blogiversary post, because Erica isn’t sitting still—she’s taking suggestions for the next ten years.


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