JManga launches JManga7 unlimited-manga site

JManga celebrates its first birthday today by launching a new site, JManga7, that will carry a wide variety of manga by the chapter. The site will be updated daily, and as volumes are completed they will be taken off the site and made available for purchase on JManga. There’s no content up yet—that will be along in October—but you can pre-register now, which will enter you in a contest for a Nexus 7 tablet or a free subscription. I talked JManga business manager Robert Newman about the new site at Comic-Con, so check that interview for more details.

Also, if you sign up with JManga today, they will give you 600 points for free—sort of a reverse birthday present.

Volume 14 of Neon Genesis Evangelion will apparently be the last, according to the French publisher.

Jason Thompson takes a look at the classic manga Trigun in his latest House of 1000 Manga column at ANN.

Helen McCarthy takes a look at Charles Wirgman, who published the satirical magazine Japan Punch in the 19th century and helped shape Japanese cartooning forever.

I know we’re preaching to the converted here, but in case you need more reinforcement, Molly McIsaac explains why you should read manga.

News from Japan: Sakuran creator Moyoco Anno is working on a new series, set in France, and she will discuss the details in a lecture at Ikebukuro Community College in December. Kazuya Minekura will go back to work on Wild Adapter next spring, after a two-year break due to health reasons.

Reviews: Carlo Santos takes a quick look at the newest releases in his latest Right Turn Only!! column at ANN.

Lissa Pattillo on vol. 13 of Bakuman (Kuriousity)
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