Wrapping up the MMF; Sherlock comes to manga

At the Eeeper’s Choice Podcast site, Phillip wraps up the Kurosagi Corpse Deliver Service edition of the Manga Moveable Feast with an overview of vols. 9-12 and a final roundup of posts.

And now on to the next one: Anna will host the next MMF, which will focus on Shojo Beat manga, at her site, Manga Report. And she’s kicking it off with a manga giveaway!

Erica Friedman brings us the latest Yuri Network News update and post what looks like the beginning of a series on the history of Yuri.

The Manga Bookshelf bloggers discuss their Picks of the Week, and Matt Blind counts down the latest Manga Bestsellers (online sales).

The Manga Villagers make the best of last week’s slim pickings.

With Japanese anti-piracy laws possibly threatening posts that include manga images, Three Steps Over Japan kicks into overdrive with inside looks at three manga magazines: Monthly Zenon, Monthly Comic Alive, and Comic Heaven.

News from Japan: Good news for fans of Sherlock: Young Ace will launch a manga series based on the BBC show.

Reviews: It’s Monday, time for a new set of Bookshelf Briefs at Manga Bookshelf! Ash Brown shares a week’s worth of manga reading at Experiments in Manga.

Lesley Aeschliman on vol. 1 of Angelic Layer (Blogcritics)
Sean Gaffney on vol. 14 of Bamboo Blade (A Case Suitable for Treatment)
Carlo Santos on vols. 44 and 45 of Bleach (ANN)
Matthew Alexander on vol. 20 of Claymore (The Fandom Post)
Lissa Pattillo on vol. 6 of Durarara!! (Kuriousity)
Nicola on vol. 4 of Fluffy, Fluffy Cinnamoroll (Back to Books)
Leroy Douresseaux on vol. 6 of Itsuwaribito (The Comic Book Bin)
AstroNerdBoy on vol. 3 of Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens (AstroNerdBoy’s Anime and Manga Reviews)
Drew McCabe on vols. 56 and 57 of Naruto (Comic Attack)
Lori Henderson on Olympos (Manga Xanadu)
TSOTE on vol. 7 of Saibara-Dake (Three Steps Over Japan)
John Rose on vol. 8 of Tenjho Tenge (The Fandom Post)
Leroy Douresseaux on vol. 11 of Toriko (The Comic Book Bin)

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  1. “With Japanese anti-piracy laws possibly threatening posts that include manga images…”

    Does anyone happen to know if “manga images” includes manga volume cover images? Just wondering if I need to start going through my blog and removing all of that. At least I haven’t done all that much manga-reviewing in the past year.