No Duel Masters for you, North Americans! Also, no more Bandai!

ICv2 reports that Hasbro will not be releasing the Duel Masters manga in the U.S. in conjunction with its Kaijudo trading card game (which is a reboot of the original Duel Masters) because they want people to follow the new version, not the older one.

Bandai Entertainment, which announced it would stop publishing new manga and anime last January, has announced it will discontinue sales of manga and anime as of this fall.

Dave Ferraro and Patrick Markfort discuss two Shigeru Mizuki manga, Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths and NonNonBa, in their latest podcast at Comics-and-More.

Three Steps Over Japan takes a look at Comic Ryuu.

News from Japan: Dance in the Vampire Bund is returning to Comic Flapper for a new mini-series, to be followed by a new second story arc. The series Dolls, by manga-ka duo naked ape (Switch) will end in the November issue of Monthly Comic Zero-Sum.


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