Let’s read manga!

The fine folks at GEN, the digital manga magazine, have shared a preview of Let’s Eat Ramen with us over at MTV Geek; this is a short manga about—you guessed it!—eating ramen, and the creator, the singly-named Nagumo, will be at New York Comic Con next week. It’s very charming, so go take a peek, and if you like it, there’s more in issue 8 of GEN.

Lissa Pattillo looks at this week’s new releases in her latest On the Shelf column at Otaku USA.

At Heart of Manga, Laura looks at the new shoujo manga coming out in October.

Ryan Holmberg has a lengthy article up at The Comics Journal about Osamu Tezuka’s New Treasure Island.

The October Manga Moveable Feast is almost upon us, and this month’s host, Anne Whittingham of Chick Pixel, puts out the call for entries. This month’s theme: Vampires!

Meanwhile, Milo has declared October to be “Go Nagai Month” at Blog of the North Star, and he explains why in his first post.

Matt Blind posts the list of manga best-sellers for the week ending September 23.

News from Japan: Tohru Fujisawa’s GT-R, the third GTO spinoff, ended in Weekly Shonen Magazine recently, but it will be back in Kodansha’s monthly Magazine Special sometime next year.

Reviews: As part of The Hooded Utilitarian’s roundtable on the worst comics ever, Melinda Beasi discusses why she hates The Color of Love trilogy.

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