Unpublished Cyborg 009 chapter found

Daniella Orihuela-Gruber gives a quick rundown of the manga she got at Yaoi-Con.

Yen Press editor JuYoun Lee writes a bit about the process of acquiring and publishing Thermae Romae.

Matt Blind calculates the latest batch of manga best-sellers, for the week ending October 21.

News from Japan: A previously unpublished chapter of Cyborg 009 has been found, according to Ishimori Productions; the chapter was completed and colored 42 years ago but for some reason never made it to print. It will be included in the third volume of Fukkan.com’s edition of the series. Fullmetal Alchemist creator Hiromu Arakawa thanked her fans for their support of her series Silver Spoon by drawing them a picture on video.

Reviews: Carlo Santos has some things to say about some recent manga in his latest Right Turn Only!! column at ANN. Ash Brown looks back at the past week in manga reading at Experiments in Manga.

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