Back for the new year!

Happy New Year! Sorry I dropped out of sight over the past week—I was busy writing a ton of posts for Robot 6, where we are celebrating our fourth anniversary by filling the blog with exclusive content—you should go take a look! We had two good manga stories: Fantagraphics will publish Inio Asano’s horror story Nijigahara Holograph, complete in one volume. Hit that link to get an early look at some of the pages. And we also ran a preview of Shigeru Mizuki’s Kitaro, coming this spring from Drawn and Quarterly.

Meanwhile, I posted my list of the best manga of 2012 (in my humble opinion) at MTV Geek.

There will be no Yaoi-Con in 2013, according to an announcement from Hikaru Sasahara, the president of Digital Manga, which started running the con last year; the next one will be in spring 2014.

We lost manga creator Kieji Nakazawa, creator of Barefoot Gen, last month; Matt Thorn wrote his obituary for The Comics Journal.

This month’s Manga Moveable Feast had Hikaru No Go for the main dish; Linda hosted it at her blog, animemiz’s Scribblings, and here’s the archive page.


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