Manga censorship fail, Heart of Thomas previewed

Jason Thompson looks at censorship of manga (usually done internally by the publisher) and the greatest censorship fails of all time in his latest House of 1000 Manga column at ANN.

The Manga Bookshelf bloggers look forward to next week’s new manga.

Moto Hagio’s Heart of Thomas is out, finally, and Comics Alliance has a preview.

Erica Friedman has a new installment of Yuri Network News for us.

Lissa Patillo looks back at the year 2012 and she looks over the past week’s new releases in her On the Shelf column at Otaku USA. Khursten Santos looks back at 2012 and picks 12 favorites at Otaku Champloo. Dave Ferraro names his top ten manga of 2012 at Comics-and-More.

At Organization ASG, Justin takes a look at the state of the manga world in 2012.

Matt Blind has the manga best-sellers for the past week.


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Jocelyne Allen on Mushi to Uta (Brain Vs. Book)
Chris Beveridge on vol. 2 of Paradise Kiss (The Fandom Post)
Erica Friedman on R.O.D. Rehabilitation (Okazu)
Katherine Hanson on vol. 6 of Sailor Moon (Yuri no Boke)
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