IKKI launches new site, Shonen Jump Alpha gets One Punch Man

I talked to the editor of IKKI’s webcomics site, Yumetaro Toyoda, and translator Simona Stanzani about the new site, which carries a House of Five Leaves spinoff (in Japanese only, alas) and a very interesting new comic, Pandemonium, by Sho Shibamoto, which is in both English and Japanese.

And I got a little cranky about how-to-draw-manga books at Robot 6.

As the countdown continues to simultaneous release with Japan, Shonen Jump Alpha adds a new series, One Punch Man, by Eyeshield 21 manga-ka Yusuke Murata and the pseudonymous ONE. Sean Gaffney has more on One Punch Man.

The Manga Bookshelf bloggers discuss their pick of the week.

Matt Thorn notes a few lines of missing text in Heart of Thomas. ‘Fess up, now—how many of you even noticed?

Daniel BT isn’t that excited about the return of Tokyopop; he’d rather see a revival of CMX, DC’s sometimes excellent but sadly neglected manga imprint. But he can’t resist highlighting a few bloopers.

News from Japan: Keiko Suenobu, creator of The Limit (licensed by Vertical) and Life (formerly licensed by Tokyopop) will launch a new series, Hope, in the Feb. 13 issue of Bessatsu Friend. Nanae Chrono is winding up Vassalord in the Feb. 15 issue of Comic Avarus. Buronson and Ryoichi Ikegami are also bringing their series Soul Lord 2 to an end. Gokusen manga-ka Kozueko Morimoto has a new rom-com series in the works for for Monthly You.

Reviews: Ash Brown shares some thoughts on a week of manga reading at Experiments in Manga.

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