Lissa Pattillo takes a quick advance look at a new Seven Seas license, Dictatorial Grimoire, and Alex Hoffman looks forward to Nijigahara Holograph, the new Inio Asano manga to be published by Fantagraphics later this year.

The Canadian publisher CloneManga has launched a Kickstarter to fund a print edition of Canadian author Dan Kim’s NNN, which won the Bronze Award in the Japanese foreign ministry’s international manga competition last year.

The Manga Bookshelf team discusses their Pick of the Week.

The Manga Moveable Feast kicks off next week, and Justin, your host at Organization ASG, issues the first call for participation. This month’s featured creator is Naoki Urasawa.

At Sequential Tart, Wolfen Moondaughter looks back at a year’s worth of yaoi reading (part one, part two).

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Molly McIsaac counts down five iconic manga couples.

At Manga Therapy, Tony Yao turns the microscope on Durarara!!’s resident psychopath, Izaya Orihara.

And at Organization ASG, Justin talks to Tony about Manga Therapy and what he has learned from writing it.

Anna N. is giving away a bundle of Blu manga at Manga Report; hit the link to find out how to enter.

News from Japan: Doraemon co-creator Fujiko Fujio A will wind up his autobiographical series Ai…Shirisomeshi Kei ni in the May issue of Big Comic Original. Manga-ka Ritz Kobayashi is taking some time off from the high school mahjong series Saki due to health problems. The main story arc of Zetsuen no Tempest will end next month.

Reviews: Lots of quick reads this week! Carlo Santos looks at vol. 1 of Knights of Sidonia, vol. 13 of Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan, and a handful of other recent releases in his latest Right Turn Only!! column at ANN. The Manga Bookshelf bloggers file their Bookshelf Briefs. At Comics Should Be Good, Connie takes a look at three manga by Taiyo Matsumoto, who will be coming to the Toronto Comic Arts Festival in May. Ash Brown briefs us on this week’s manga reading at Experiments in Manga.

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Lexie on vol. 1 of Blood-C (Poisoned Rationality)
Sakura Eries on vol. 4 of A Bride’s Story (The Fandom Post)
Justin on chapter 19 of Cross Manage (Organization ASG)
Erica Friedman on Destro 246 (Okazu)
Matthew Alexander on vol. 7 of Dogs: Bullets and Carnage (The Fandom Post)
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Connie on God of Dogs (Slightly Biased Manga)
John Rose on vol. 21 of Hayate the Combat Butler (The Fandom Post)
Matthew Alexander on vol. 7 of Itsuwaribito (The Fandom Post)
Connie on vol. 15 of Kimi ni Todoke (Slightly Biased Manga)
Lori Henderson on vols. 8 and 9 of Raiders (Manga Village)
Connie on vol. 30 of Skip Beat! (Slightly Biased Manga)
Anna N. on vol. 26 of Slam Dunk! (Manga Report)
Kate O’Neil on vol. 12 of Soul Eater (The Fandom Post)
Connie on vol. 1 of sweet pool (Slightly Biased Manga)
Justin on vol. 1 of Thermae Romae (Organization ASG)
Sean Gaffney on vol. 3 of Wonder! (A Case Suitable for Treatment)
Drew McCabe on World Trigger (Comic Attack)

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