News from all over

Here’s my look at this week’s new manga at MTV Geek; now that I have read Emerald, I highly endorse it.

The Scotsman profiles Anime Republic, Edinburgh’s first anime and manga specialty shop.

Ed Chavez, marketing director for Vertical, Inc., is at India Comic Con this week, and he brought Chi to his panel; Ed says that manga will be coming to India very soon.

Tony Yao looks at Viz’s planned Hello Kitty graphic novels and asks: Will Minimalism Save Comics?

The first-ever Manga Festival In Singapore happens this weekend.

News from Japan: Despite the weird series of threats associated with it, the latest volume of Kuroko’s Basketball topped the sales charts this week. ANN has the full Japanese comics rankings. Futabasha has pulled the plug on Comic Sumomo. And Silver Diamond creator Shiho Sugiura is launching a new series, Shūten unknown (Last Stop Unknown), in the May issue of Comic Avarus.


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