Quick hits for a busy day

Sean Gaffney has some commentary on the new licenses announced over the past week by Seven Seas and Vertical, and I had a few things to say at MTV Geek as well.

The Manga Moveable Feast featuring Naoki Urasawa continues, with host blog Organization ASG posting on Music in 20th Century Boys and Hatred in Pluto as well as a roundup of the first two days’ worth of posts.

Tony Yao writes about the child prodigy Orochimaru (from Naruto) and the power of sorrow in Gintama at Manga Therapy.

No Starch Press is listing The Manga Guide to Regression Analysis among its books for next year. It may sound incongruous, but the books in this series that I have looked at have been pretty good.

Well, here’s an innovation: Something called “Manga 2.5,” which is a motion comic version of manga, with voices. ANN has the deets; it launches with The Mythical Detective LOKI (available in its original form on JManga) and Ouji Hiroi and Yuusuke Kozaki’s Karasuma Kyōko no Jikenbo.

The staff at the Embassy of Japan in London have announced the winners of this year’s Manga Jiman awards.

Reviews: Anna N. reviews a handful of Harlequin manga at Manga Report.

Lori Henderson on vols. 1-22 of 20th Century Boys (Manga Xanadu)
Chris Kirby on vol. 22 of 20th Century Boys (The Fandom Post)
Rebecca Silverman on vol. 1 of Barrage (ANN)
Lesley Aeschliman on vol. 7 of Chi’s Sweet Home (Blogcritics)
Anna N. on vol. 11 of Fushigi Yugi Genbu Kaiden (Manga Report)
David Gromer on vol. 1 of GTO: 14 Days in Shonan (Graphic Novel Reporter)
Kristin on vol. 10 of Jormungand (Comic Attack)
Sean Gaffney on vol. 1 of Knights of Sidonia (A Case Suitable for Treatment)
Katherine Hanson on Love Flag Girls!! (Yuri no Boke)
David Gromer on vol. 5 of Maximum Ride: The Manga (Graphic Novel Reporter)
David Gromer on vol. 5 of Negima (Graphic Novel Reporter)
Lesley Aeschliman on vol. 4 of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle (Blogcritics)

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