Tezuka Kickstarter dissected, Junko Mizuno interviewed

I was totally fascinated that the upstart publisher Kansai Club (which is basically two people) was able to license an Osamu Tezuka manga, The Crater, for their first publication, so I was happy that KC’s Andrew Nevo was able to talk to me about it for my Kickstand column at CBR.

Paul Gravett interviews Junko Mizuno and posts a new two-page comic as well.

The Manga Bookshelf team discusses their Pick of the Week, and Lissa Pattillo picks the best of this week’s new releases in her On the Shelf column at Otaku USA.

Jeffrey Gustafson has been writing a series of essays about different themes in Naoki Urasawa’s Pluto at his blog, The Comic Pusher.

Tony Yao shares some of his favorite quotes from Paradise Kiss at Manga Therapy.

News from Japan: Ryoko Ikeda is bringing back the classic shoujo manga Rose of Versailles for a one-shot story in Margaret next October.

Reviews: Justin did one final roundup of JManga series, just before their servers shut down, at Organization ASG. Ash Brown takes us through a week’s worth of manga reading at Experiments in Manga. The Manga Bookshelf team has a new set of Bookshelf Briefs.

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