The case of the vanishing scanlations

Lissa Pattillo looks at this week’s new releases in her On the Shelf column at Kuriousity.

Laura posts the Monday and Tuesday roundup of posts for the Skip Beat Manga Moveable Feast at Heart of Manga.

Erica Friedman takes a look at the josei magazine Flowers, home of Moto Hagio’s latest series, and she also posts the latest edition of Yuri Network News at Okazu.

Lori Henderson rounds up the latest manga news and checks out a couple of new releases in this week’s Manga Dome podcast at Manga Xanadu.

Chinese fans are not happy that scanlations of Shueisha properties such as Naruto and Gin Tama are disappearing from the web, after internet giant Tencent signed a licensing deal with Shueisha earlier this year.

News from Japan: Hayate x Blade has ended in the most recent issue of Ultra Jump.

Reviews: Carlo Santos deconstructs the latest releases in his Right Turn Only!! column at ANN.

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