Attack on Titan explained; new Jiro Taniguchi manga on the way

MTV Geek has posted my picks for the most anticipated manga of the fall, and to go along with ’em we have some special content:
A preview of a short story from the first volume of Sailor Moon Short Stories
A preview of Satoshi Kon’s Tropic of the Sea, definitely one of the outstanding manga of the year
An interview with Charles Brownstein of the CBLDF about their guide to manga
An interview with Pancha Diaz, the editor of Voice Over: Seiyuu Academy
A interview with Nancy Thistlethwaite, editor of the Christmas-themed manga Sweet Rein
Everything you need to know to jump in to Attack on Titan with volume 6

This is pretty cool: Attack on Titan creator Hajime Isayama was interviewed on Nihon TV’s Zip! and explained how he got the idea for the Titans (an inebriated customer in the internet cafe where he worked) and how he draws them so well (with the help of a reference book of facial expressions).

Fanfare/Ponent Mon will publish Jiro Taniguchi’s Furari, which sounds like an Edo-era version of The Walking Man.

Planning on going to New York Comic Con? Sean Gaffney has pulled out the manga panels and a few others that may be of interest.

Helen McCarthy gives us the rundown on Daiji Kazumine, who drew manga versions of popular television shows such as Ultraman.

Here’s a look at the Original Algerian Manga scene, where homegrown manga in French, Algerian, and soon, Berber, are selling briskly, but not so well that creators can make a living from comics alone.

News from Japan: Eight years after it was originally announced, Hideo Azuma’s sequel to Disappearance Diary will be published next month; the title is Shissō Nikki 2: Al-Chū Byōtō (Disappearance Diary 2: The Ward for Alcoholics).


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