Attack on Titan dominates the charts

The Manga Bookshelf bloggers look forward to next week’s new releases.

The third volume of Mobile Suit Gundam tops the New York Times manga best-seller list; four volumes of Attack on Titan make the list, which is not surprising as that series dominated last month’s BookScan chart as well.

Ash Brown’s Bookshelf Overload column at Experiments in Manga looks at September releases and purchases.

Sean Gaffney takes a closer look at two recently announced licenses: Prophecy, a thriller licensed by Vertical, and Whispered Words, a yuri series from the small independent publisher One Peace Books.

Lori Henderson also looks at the new licenses, as well as vols. 4-7 of Highschool of the Dead, in her latest Manga Dome podcast at Manga Xanadu.

Erica Friedman is in Japan right now, and she paid a visit to the Yoshiya Nobuko Memorial Museum, dedicated to one of the pioneers of yuri manga.

At Comics Should Be Good, Connie C. is going to spotlight the lesser-known works of horror master Kazuo Umezu for the next week, and she kicks it off with a look at Cat-Eyed Boy, Orochi: Blood, and Scary Book.

Meanwhile, at Organization Anti-Social Geniuses, Justin and Manjiorin discuss vols. 5 and 6 of Attack on Titan.

News From Japan: Dengeki Daisy is coming to an end. Welcome to the NHK manga-ka Kenji Oiwa is drawing an Assassin’s Creed IV manga for Jump X magazine. Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine says that 25 million copies of the 11 volumes of Attack on Titan have been sold in Japan.


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