Pre-holiday roundup

Life is getting back to normal now that the police have arrested a suspect in the Kuroko’s Basketball case; the Shadow Trickster doujinshi events are back on, and the doujinshi event Comic City Osaka announced that it is scrapping its ban on Kuroko’s Basketball-themed doujinshi and merchandise. ANN also has more details on the suspect, Hirofumi Watanabe, including the apparent motive for the attacks: Jealousy.

Erica Friedman brings us the latest Yuri Network News at Okazu.

The Manga Bookshelf team looks forward to this week’s new releases.

Lori Henderson devotes her latest Manga Dome podcast to the Christmas-themed (sort of) manga Sweet Rein.

Akemi looks at the mythology and setting of Attack on Titan at Myth and Manga.

Viz’s shonen rom-com Nisekoi, which has been out in digital for a while, is making the leap to print.

Shaenon Garrity discusses Chihayafuru, a card-game manga that goes beyond the usual manga stereotypes, in the latest House of 1000 Manga column at ANN.

News from Japan: Battle Angel Alita: Last Order is coming to an end. Dan Brown, the author of The DaVinci Code, will become a superpowered character in Bungō Stray Dogs.

Reviews: Carlo Santos checks out the latest new releases in his Right Turn Only!! column at ANN.

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