Editors talk shop, plus a manga starter kit

Justin Stroman talks to Yen Press freelancer Abigail Blackman about manga editing and the ins and outs of licensing manga. And here’s an interview with translator Adrienne Beck about translating Food Wars.

Helen McCarthy dishes a bit about her new book, A Brief History of Manga.

Zainab Akhtar lists five books that helped her get into manga, and since it’s Zainab, they are all great choices: Black Blizzard, Sunny, Pluto, Yotsuba&!, and Uzumaki.

News from the Vertical Tumblr: Knights of Sidonia will be available as an e-book, starting this week with vols. 1 and 2.

News from Japan: Yoshihiro Togashi will resume work on Hunter x Hunter after a lengthy hiatus. Ouran High School Host Club creator Bisco Hatori has a new series in the works. So does Mochi, creator of Cuticle Detective Inaba.


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