The End of Naruto is Nigh!

Say it isn’t so: Masashi Kishimoto’s phenomenally popular Naruto will conclude its fifteen-year run on November 10th.

In conjunction with his appearance at NYCC, Death Note artist Takeshi Obata will be signing books at two Manhattan bookstores: Kinokuniya (October 10th) and the Tribeca Barnes & Noble (October 11th).

Seven Seas unveiled three new fantasy and sci-fi licenses: Magika Swordsman, Summoner, and Bodacious Space Pirates: Abyss of Hyperspace.

Need some guidance in the manga aisle? The Manga Bookshelf team offers their picks for the week’s best new arrivals.

Ash Brown catalogs his September reading list, from the first volume of Alice in the Country of Hearts to the latest volume of What Did You Eat Yesterday?

Support a good cause! The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund will be throwing a party on October 11th in New York City. The event is open to fans and pros alike, and will raise money for the organization’s advocacy work. Need proof that censorship of manga is still an issue? As recently as two weeks ago, the town of Cleveland, Texas, was holding hearings on whether to remove Vampire Knight from its library for “Satanic content.”

Reviews: The Manga Bookshelf gang files another installment of Bookshelf Briefs, while Lesley Aeschliman runs down the contents of the latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump.

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