Ghoulish Licensing News from VIZ

Tokyo Ghoul will debut in June 2015.

Tokyo Ghoul will debut in June 2015.

Breaking news from New York Comic-Con: VIZ Media has licensed two new series, both of which will debut in June 2015. The first, Tokyo Ghoul, focuses on a college student who unwittingly receives an organ transplant from a demon. The second, So Cute It Hurts!!, is pure shojo fodder: fraternal twins Mitsuru and Megumu swap identities to attend each others’ school. The twist? Mitsuru enrolls in an all-girls academy, while his sister enrolls in a high school for delinquent boys.

Pack your beret: ReedPOP, the company that organizes New York Comic-Con, just announced the first-ever Paris Comic-Con, which will be held from October 23-25, 2015.

The New York Times files a report on the business of comic conventions, noting that over 150,000 people will be attending this year’s NYCC. Not everyone is enthusiastic about conventions’ increasing emphasis on movies, television, and video games, however. Blogger Denise Dorman argues that comics — and their creators — are being marginalized at the very events they helped popularize.

Paging Julie Taymor! Shueisha and Masashi Kishimoto have approved a stage adaption of Naruto. No word if Bono and the Edge will be contributing musical numbers…

The final volume of Vampire Knight arrives in stores on Tuesday, October 14th.

Reviews: Ash Brown kicks the tires on manga adaptations of Pride and Prejudice and Les Miserables, while Jason Thompson dedicates his latest House of 1,000 Manga column to Attack on Titan.

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