Kodansha Licenses Princess Jellyfish; Tokyopop Returns

Kuragehime_vol01_CoverJust a quick programming note before I tackle the day’s news: The Manga Revue is on hiatus this week so that I can focus on breaking stories from San Diego Comic Con. The Revue will be back on Friday, July 17th with an in-depth look at Junji Ito’s Fragments of Horror. On to the links…

This year’s Anime Expo yielded several major licensing announcements, including the welcome news that Kodansha Comics will be publishing Princess Jellyfish in 2016. Vertical, Inc. also unveiled two recent acquisitions: Nichijou, a surreal gag manga, and FukuFuku: Kitten Tales, a josei title from the creator of Chi’s Sweet Home. For a complete list of all of the titles announced at AX 2015, check out Sean Gaffney’s comprehensive round-up.

The biggest news story of AX 2015 was the re-launch of Tokyopop. Not surprisingly, the Robofish reboot generated numerous essays from industry veterans and journalists, including Alex de Campi, Heidi MacDonald, Aja Romano, and Brigid Alverson. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and read up on Stu Levy’s second act.

Mobile Suit Gundham and Tokyo Ghoul top this week’s New York Times Manga Best Seller list, followed by the perennially popular Naruto and Attack on Titan.

Publisher’s Weekly reports that the North American comics market grew 7% last year, generating almost $1 billion in print and digital sales.

Erica Friedman compiles the latest yuri publication news.

Megan R., host of The Manga Test Drive, shows off her manga collection and discusses her reading habits.

Justin Stroman interviews the husband-and-wife team of Christine Schilling and James Dashiell, who are currently translating Akame ga Kill! and The Seven Deadly Sins. Fun fact: the two met at Tokyopop, where Schilling was an intern and Dashiell was a letterer.

What will you find on the New Arrival shelf this week? The Manga Bookshelf gang sift through the good, the meh, and the awful.

News from Japan: Move over, Daigo Asahina–Atsushi Okubo, creator of Soul Eater, has a new “sci-fi firefighting battle manga” in the works for Weekly Shonen Magazine. Over at Weekly Shonen Jump, creator Masahiro Hirakata will debut Best Blue, a manga about a champion swimmer. Saint Seiya‘s Masami Kuramada also has a new series launching this year: Ai no Jidai (Ichigoe Ichie), a “semi-autobiographical” story that will run in Weekly Shonen Champion.

Reviews: Over at Organization Anti-Social Geniuses, confusedmuse sings the praises of Kaori Yuki’s The Cain Saga. Johanna Draper Carlson had an exceptionally productive long weekend, posting reviews of Ani-Emo, So, I Can’t Play H, and Emma. Not to be outdone, Ash Brown posted brief reviews of The Ancient Magus’ Bride and Man of Many Faces.

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