Manga reviews update

I left Borders staggering under a load of manga yesterday, so expect some quickie reviews later in the week. In the meantime, here’s what some other folks are reading. Jarred Pine at Anime on DVD reviews the first volume of Reiko the Zombie Shop and finds it interesting but overly violent.

And at Dave Ex Machina, Dave got snowed in on Sunday and spent the day reading manga. He admits

Since I’m not interested in boys trying to be the ultimate ninja robot fighter, wispy men oddly attracted to each other, teen-age romance, and wacky “Oh no! When I kiss you, you turn into one of 17 origami figures!” antics, it’s tough for me to find manga I dig.

Nonetheless he has a few nice things to say about Hikaru No Go, a series I’m just starting. (Thanks to Tangognat for pointing me in Dave’s direction.)

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  1. Woo! Go Hikaru no Go! :) I’m kind of biased since I was in chess club for a while at school, but I really do like what I’ve read of that series.