Morning links

The latest Manga Curry No Maki is up from MangaCast, and it features a look at June titles, how Jarred would fix some manga faux pas, and comments on Whistle! and the World Cup.

In Flipped, David Welsh takes a look at Megatokyo, the first OEL manga from CMX, and Boogiepop Doesn’t Laugh, the first Japanese manga from Seven Seas.

ComiPress draws our attention to a blog by a someone who has been a manga assistant for 30 years. The introduction is by Kentaro Takekuma, author of Even a Monkey Can Draw Manga. Both the blog and the intro are in Japanese, but ComiPress provids summary and commentary.

Looking for something to read? Mely has some suggestions (warning—spoilers). And Kirkus Reviews takes a look at what’s new this summer, including a whole page of manga. KR also gives their list of top sellers in the graphic novels category, and manga—specifically, Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto, and Fruits Basket—dominate.

Going to AnimeExpo? Pata has the rundown on what’s happening when.

On the ANN Forums, people are discussing the ethics of posting doujinshi scans online. And for those who just like to read the words, here’s a list of Naruto fanfiction.

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  1. […] Just had a quick gander at the Kirkus Review’s 2006 Spotlight on Graphic Novels (linked from Mangablog/Comipress) and it was pretty interesting from a Manga point of view. […]