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Just one day left! I’m climbing on the Acela first thing tomorrow for the trip down to Secaucus. It’s my first con, my first ride on the Acela, and my first time evarrr in Secaucus, so you know I’m pumped! If you’re going, drop in on my Manga4Kids panel from 12-2 on Saturday in the Jade Room, or just stop me and say hi.

You must read this post: Pata responds to PWCW’s new bestseller list with the “Top 10 ‘Top 10 Manga’ Lists We’d Like To See.”

Volume 11 of Naruto slips to number 109 in its seventh on the USA Today Booklist.

David Welsh looks over this week’s take at the comics store.

Telophase has a new column up on the Tokyopop site, part one of a two-part series on doujinshi.

New manga website: Well, sort of. It looks like the people behind DRMaster have a new web presence. Actually, right now it just looks like a new front page, because most of the manga links go to DRMaster pages. There’s a “download” page, but as of this writing it doesn’t go anywhere. Developing…

Fans at the Japan Media Arts Festival were asked to vote on the top ten manga and anime of all time. ANN has the results. Slam Dunk tops the list! Meanwhile, the Daily Yomiuri reports that the Japanese Cultural Affairs Agency did an internet poll (because we know how reliable those are), and once again, Slam Dunk was the top pick.

Pata has a new Right Turn Only!! column up, with reviews of Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service, Omukae Desu, and the second volume of The Drifting Classroom.Lyle offers an early look at Tail of the Moon, a new title debuting in Shojo Beat magazine. Yaoi Suki likes volume 2 of Challengers but issues a warning: “Irresponsible mothers, evil gay Americans.” Active Anime really likes Haibane Renmei, an ani-manga from Dark Horse (!).
Anime on DVD has an early look at volume 3 of Ice Kunion’s One Thousand and One Nights. And Jarred Pine reviews a book I really liked, volume 1 of Chikyu Misaki.

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  1. HAWT:

    “5. Top 10 MANLY MAN Manga
    Carl Horn sits on the editorial board.”

    from Pata.


  1. […] Takehiko Inoue’s basketball series Slam Dunk topped all-time favorite manga lists in two separate polls, one conducted at the 10th Annual Japanese Media Arts Festival (as reported by Anime News Network) and one conducted by Japan’s Cultural Affairs Agency (as reported by the Daily Yomiuri). Just in case you were curious. (Links via MangaBlog.) […]