Girls in manga, girls with girls in manga

Tomorrow’s my deadline day for paying work, so I don’t have time to go into this right now, but check out the links Pata has dug up at Irresponsible Pictures. One is about maid cafes, the other is a critique of a critique of girls in manga. Interesting stuff in both, and I’m looking forward to reading them with full attention once my article is filed.

Seven Seas is launching a yuri line, to be dubbed “Strawberry.” Seven Seas’ first yuri title, Kashimashi Girl Meets Girl, won’t be part of the line, which will kick off next year. From the press release:

In 2007, however, Seven Seas will officially inaugurate its new STRAWBERRY line, which will include such titles as Sakurako Kimino’s Strawberry Panic (the manga), which will act as a sister release to the previously announced Strawberry Panic light novels; Mera Hakamada’s popular series Saigo no Seifuku (“The Last Uniform”), about the crushes and heartbreaks at a girls’ boarding school; and the Yuri-flavored occult fantasy series Tetragrammaton Labyrinth. The company will be announcing several additional Yuri licenses that it has acquired in the near future, which are also slated for a 2007 release.

The trim size is going to be a bit bigger than regular manga, which is sort of interesting. Seven Seas has already broken with standard sizing with its square edition of Boogiepop doesn’t laugh.

At Precocious Curmudgeon, David Welsh has some late-night meditations on Monster, Golgo 13, and this week’s list. And he points us to Alex Scott’s post about the mature section in his local Books-A-Million.

At MangaCast, Ed is still recovering from Yaoi-Con but manages to post the November Previews titles.

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  1. Hi Brigid –

    You might be interested to note that Seven Seas is claiming to be publishing the first line of yuri *ever* in English.

    Not surprisingly, at ALC we’re taking issue with this, just a tad. We’ve been around since 2003, and we’re still the world’s only all-yuri publisher so, while we’re *thrilled* that more yuri is entering the market, we’d just like SS to note that the key word here is “more.” :-)


    Erica Friedman

    ALC Publishing – “Where the girl always gets the girl.”

  2. Of course I would never repeat that claim, because I’ve seen your books and I know better! I’m sort of surprised they would say that, actually, given all the press Rica ‘tte Kanje got last year.

  3. I noticed that you didn’t repet the claim – and it’s greatly appreciated!

    There’s just nothing better for my ego than to see 4 years of hard work flushed away in a release like that… lol

    For the record, Seven Seas have received a bunch of emails pointing out the error, but they have yet to retract the claim. I’m still hoping to hear from them. :-)


    Erica Friedman

    ALC Publishing – “Where the girl always gets the girl.”