Friday morning roundup

ChunHyang72 has a thorough roundup of manga news at her blog, including several things I missed in the Election Day rush. If you’re an aspiring manga-ka, check out Tina Anderson’s discussion of pay rates.

At MangaCast, Ed wraps up his Yaoi-Con coverage with audio of the June panel and looks forward to the newest volume of Kamui.

ComiPress translates an excerpt from a curious interview with Takehiko Inoue about the necessity of manga being on paper, not digital. They also have Mainichi Shimbun’s interview with American manga-ka Austell Callwood, who was in Japan promoting his manga.

“Archie is part of the manga comic experience. Who knew?

Deutsche Welle looks at German manga artists.

Blogcritics has been reviewing a lot of manga lately, and reviewer Bill Sherman reflects on the enthusiasm of the fans in a refreshing little essay. I particularly liked this:

My own admittedly half-baked theory is that reading manga like this re-stimulates brain cells in a way that’s healthy for one’s long-term mental acuity. (I eagerly await the first published neuro-psych study supporting this theory.) Just think of it: a study which actually proved that reading monthly Shonen Jump magazine was healthy! The mind truly boggles.

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  1. Manga’s positive effect on brain cells must be neutralized by the brain cells you destroy while watching anime.