Tuesday late links

Shameless self-promotion: My review of the webcomic Inverloch is up at Digital Strips. If that doesn’t tempt you, click anyway to see my awesome avatar, drawn by Tania del Rio.

As they make their preparations for the holidays, the MangaCast crew looks over this week’s new comics.

ChunHyang72 has another excellent Tokyopop roundup and some tips on buying cheap manga on the internet.

Newsarama spends their manga minute—and then some—on a discussion of form vs. format. Readers pick up the thread in comments.

Kevin Church has some sensible advice for creators regarding dealing with reviewers. Again, don’t miss the comments on this one. Here’s a sample:

I’ll say this – every negitive review I’ve every received is 10 times more helpful than a positive one, and 20 times better than no review/response at all.

That should take the sting out of a bad review.

“Gay porn saved my marriage!” That’s the headline on one of the letters to SF Weekly, responding to Eliza Strickland’s article on yaoi.

Comics editor Jamie S. Rich loves 12 Days. (Via Lillian DP’s blog.) At AoD, Jarred Pine gives high grades to Night of the Beasts.

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  1. Yaoi sites need splashpages.