Tuesday updates and reviews

Lillian DP has more on Wild Adapter in her LJ, including some interesting comments on Mature-rated manga.

You know that SF Weekly story on yaoi we were all talking about last week? Lyle has the cover art.

The 801media Blog shines the spotlight on their production manager. Sound boring? This is 801 we’re talking about. Go check it out. (Via Manganews.)

Why am I not surprised that David Welsh hearts 12 Days? Maybe because I’m intrigued by it myself.

At Blogfonte, Mitch wonders whether Netcomics is letting their standards slip.

Erin F. has some tough love for global manga titles Fool’s Gold, Steady Beat, and Van Von Hunter at PopCultureShock.

The Manga Junkie reads a sports manga: Shanimuni Go, a tennis manga by Marimo Ragawa, the artist of Baby and Me.

At the MangaCast, Ed shows his range by reviewing Berserk, 0/6, and Nodame Cantabile, and Jarred waxes enthusiastic about E’S.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure manga-ka Hirohiko Araki celebrated his 25th anniversary in the biz with a party and some JoJo moves. Incriminating photos at ComiPress.

Announcements: The fourth volume of the yuri anthology Yuri Monotogari is now available and features a new story by the manga-ka of Rica ‘tte Kanji. And I think this has been floating around for a while, but Infinity Studios has announced a new series, Unbalance Unbalance. Volume 1 is 200 pages of color manwha, which is different.

With so many graphic novels falling into the love-comedy category, Unbalance Unbalance Volume 1 is a welcome change of pace with the serious love drama many fans have been demanding.

Apparently the fans have been demanding a story about a guy who finds a wallet and returns it to the owner after extracting a little finder’s fee, then discovers the owner is his new teacher. Stay tuned!

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  1. I really, really love Baby & Me. I cried at the end of the run. Men cry, women cry. Shoot, I’m getting teary eyed myself as I think of the ending now. It’s a great story.