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At The Beat, Heidi contributes her take on the problems of three-volume manga: If you’re going to write a graphic novel, spend some time thinking about story structure. Good advice!

Floating_Sakura has an interesting post on the scanlation community. She notices an increase in scanlations of licensed material and wonders what that says about the next generation of scanlators.

The Australian has a lengthy and interesting article about Osamu Tezuka, who is attracting a lot of attention Down Under because of the show of his work in the National Gallery of Victoria.

The Daily Yomiuri looks at the Train Man phenomenon and concludes that manga is not the best medium for this story.

ComiPress links to scans of Death Note manga-ka Takeshi Obata’s new manga. Also at ComiPress: details of the latest anti-Lolicon effort in Japan.

Company news: The 801 Media blog has an interview with the 801 mascot, Tomo-chan. (Via Manganews.) The Broccoli blog (one of my favorites!) has the redesigned cover of E’S. And I’m happy to announce that the Go!Comi blog, which is another great read, has added permalinks and an RSS feed. Now they just need some new content!

At the MangaCast, ninjaconsultant Erin reviews My-Hime. This is an extremely useful review for those of us who haven’t seen the anime, as Erin explains a lot that is not obvious on first reading. Be sure to check the comments for an interesting discussion on why manga made from anime usually suck.

Reviews: Johanna at Comics Worth Reading re-reads xxxHOLiC and likes it better the second time around. At AoD, Jarred reviews Mitsukazu Mihara’s RIP. David Welsh likes volume 2 of Omukae Desu.

Also, the Village Voice has a review of the new book Japanamerica: How Japanese Pop Culture Has Invaded the U.S., by Roland Kelts, which might be of interest to some of us.

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  1. […] Floating Sakura notes an increase in new scanlations of licensed manga, and ponders the implications for amateur manga translators in the years ahead. (Link via Brigid Alverson.) […]