Cybils announced

The Cybil Awards, the bloggers’ awards for children’s and Young Adult literature, have been announced and … no manga. But it’s hard to argue with the graphic novel choices, Amelia Rules in the 12-and-under category and American Born Chinese for 13 and up.

Oh well, there’s always next year.

(Via Tangognat.)

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  1. I was bummed about the lack of manga too, but the nominated manga didn’t end up making the shortlist for the final round of judging.

  2. Next year, we promise! Yes, we made a whole bunch of horrible mistakes where GN/manga was concerned this year. We listened, we read, we slapped our foreheads and said “D’oh!” We will get this straightened out in time to make all new mistakes next year.

    Thanks for linking to us.

  3. I’m assuming the above comments were in reference to Japanese manga. We were quite proud to see two of our global manga titles make the shortlist: Dramacon and Kat & Mouse. (I was particularly happy for K&M, since it’s one of the titles that I edit.) Congrats to all the winners! I really have to read Amelia Rules…