Stay between the lines

It looks like I’m going to New York this weekend, so blogging will be light for the next day or so while I finish up some other writing projects. Here are some highlights:

Manga coloring books? What a great idea! According to this week’s PWCW, Running Press has made a deal with Tokyopop to produce coloring books based on Princess Ai and Bizenghast.

Also at PWCW: A detailed article on Tokyopop’s new ratings system, including some specifics on how it will be used. Johanna has more at Comics Worth Reading, including a link to the ratings criteria, and the commenters speculate on whether others will adopt the system and the meaning of “partial nudity.”

Ed Chavez continues his publisher report cards with a look at DrMaster and DramaQueen.

At Comicsnob, Matt Blind muses on manga vs. anime.

ComiPress has part 2 of the article on copyright.

Heidi has more about Bookscan at The Beat, and Ali Kokmen and Queenie Chan both give their takes in comments, so you know it’s worth a click.

At Precocious Curmudgeon, David Welsh checks out the January sales figures and links to the latest Previews. And in his Flipped column, David looks at Tapenshu and the ICv2 Guide to Anime and Manga.

Ed Sizemore guestblogs about the shoujo manga exhibit at Comics Worth Reading.

Someone called Sopor Aeternus is including a 112-page manga with their CD.

Ragnell discusses sexuality in Revolutionary Girl Utena, and the commenters join in.

One more reason to go to NYCC: the SAME HAT!! guys will be there.

Reviews: Start off with Pata’s latest Right Turn Only!! column; he has added a new section: “Worst Manga I’ve Ever Read.” At The Comic Book Bin, Leroy Douresseaux likes vol. 1 of My Dead Girlfriend and thinks it is fine for tweens, despite the 13+ rating. Everyone is busy at Active Anime, where Christopher Seaman reviews vol. 4 of Kagetora, vol. 6 of Ghost Hunt, and vol. 12 of Tsubasa, and Holly Ellingwood checks out vol. 16 of Hana-Kimi, vol. 21 of Please Save My Earth, and vol. 18 of Angel Sanctuary. Johanna likes vol. 1 of Earthlight, but not quite enough. AoD’s Jarred Pine enjoys vol. 1 of Shaman Warrior. At the Mangamaniaccafe, Julie is reading vol. 1 of Kitchen Princess, vol. 1 of My Dead Girlfriend, and vol. 3 of Nodame Cantabile. At Comicsnob, Matt Blind reviews vols. 2-4 of R.O.D. Read or Die. Greg McElhatton has good things to say about vol. 1 of Tapenshu. At the BasuGasuBakuhatsu Anime Blog, Hung explains in detail, with scans, why he likes vol. 1 of Disgaea 2 and vol. 1 of Aoi House. And at Slightly Biased Manga, Connie reviews vol. 16 of Cheeky Angel, Adolescence of Utena, vols. 6 and 7 of Immortal Rain, and vols. 6 and 7 of Fullmetal Alchemist.

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