NYCC: Rumors and updates

I spent a big chunk of today wandering around talking to people and doing some interviews for Digital Strips. One of the big stories of the day was that Elfquest creator Wendy Pini is doing a webcomic for Go!Comi, and I interviewed Wendy after the panel for Digital Strips.

Another tidbit that came out in a panel yesterday is that manhwa publisher Netcomics is going to be licensing Japanese manga and publishing global manga as well.

I heard on the floor that Yotsuba&! is not dead; the next volume will be coming out … eventually; that despite the demise of Monthly Shonen Jump, Claymore will continue; and that volume 3 of Museum of Terror will be the last.

I ended the night at the CPM panel, where John O’Donnell talked frankly, and quite entertainingly, about the tough year they just had (with retailers Musicland and Tower Records and supplier Biblos filing for bankruptcy) and then persuading the crowd that manhwa really is better than they think. Details tomorrow.

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  1. Wow. The next volume will be coming out… eventually.
    I’ll believe it when I see it in my local comic shop. Until then… a big pllllbbbbttth!

    thanks for the update! I wish they’d be more specific. I can’t imagine what the hold up is… kinda makes me wonder how long their contract with Dengeki Comics is for Yotsubato.

  2. NO! I can’t believe they dropped Museum of Terror! It was literally the best one of those horror manga Dark Horse licensed.

  3. Yotsuba& is continuing!? I just ordered the Japanese volume 4! I have a feeling that I’ll be able to finish it faster than ADV can though…

  4. My fantasy of a complete MoT collection has been stung. The books are SO big and SO beautiful…maybe that’s their undoing.

  5. yaaaaaaa! i love yotsuba& i just read #3 last night, its so funny!
    im glad its continuing.