Viz veep speaks!

Sorry for the internet silence—paying work has kept me kind of busy the last two days. Here’s some of what I missed.

Viz veep Alvin Lu tells all to PWCW in a longish interview that covers a lot of bases. He announced one new title, an addition to the Signature line: Taiyo Matsumoto’s Black and White, which is being retitled Tekkon Concrete. Christopher Butcher explains why this is awesome. At MangaCast, Ed Chavez has still more, along with news of Viz’s newest shoujo title, High School Debut.

Newtype USA will be serializing the latest CLAMP manga, Kobato.

ComiPress has more on the demise of Monthly Shonen Jump; the series Claymore will continue in Weekly Shonen Jump, albeit on a monthly schedule, and a new magazine will replace MSJ towards the end of the year, in which several other series will continue. David Welsh comments that things aren’t as bad as they initially seemed.

David Welsh has some fun with this month’s PWCW bestseller list.

The MangaCast crew checks out this week’s new manga.

Katherine Dacey-Tsuei checks out some previews on the Tokyopop website. And Tokyopop editor Tim Beedle is wondering who reads previews.

Takeshi Miyazawa is mixing ninjas with Nazis, but that’s all he can say. Except that yeah, it is hard drawing right to left.

Simon Jones has some thoughts on licensing and what it means to Japanese manga-ka—and why some of them still do doujinshi. (NSFW)

Has John Jakala figured out what the problem is with Oh! My Goddess? Or… not?

Go!Comi’s artist search continues. Audry is very specific about what she wants but won’t say much beyond that.

Check out horror manga-ka Kazuo Umezu’s wacky sense of humor at Same Hat! Same Hat!!

At Yaoi Press, Yamila has news about their website and upcoming cons, and wonders if it’s OK to publicly out a bad creator.

June Manga has some exciting con news: Satoru Kannagi, creator of Only the Ring Finger Knows, will be coming to Anime Expo, and Challengers manga-ka Hinako Takanaga will be at Yaoi-Con.

At Deutsche Mangaka, Elae has news about some new German titles.

Reviews: At Anime on DVD, Danielle Van Gorder checks out vol. 1 of The Cain Saga and the staff chips in some Small Bodied Manga Reviews. In his latest Right Turn Only!! column, Pata has something to say about the latest volumes of Bleach, Yakitate!! Japan, and more, as well as the worst manga evarrr. At the Mangamaniaccafe, Julie reviews vol. 3 of Recipe for Gertrude and vol. 5 of VS Versus. Active Anime’s Holly Ellingwood reviews vol. 1 of Tactics, vol. 13 of Hunter X Hunter, vol. 19 of Banana Fish, and vol. 2 of Incubus, and Scott Campbell checks out vol. 6 of Claymore. At Prospero’s Manga, Miranda doesn’t care for the art in Love Circles and briefly updates vols. 2 and 3 of The Drifting Classroom, while Ferdinand enjoys the cuteness in vol. 1 of Aishiteruze Baby. At Okazu, Erica reviews vol. 3 of Sakura no Kiwa. And Calling Manga Island is back at Comic Book Resources, with reviews of two Densha Otokos and Banya the Explosive Delivery Man. (Via Andre’s blog.)

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  1. That CLAMP manga makes me want to try Newtype again. It was a great magazine, but I don’t think it was worth the $90 a year personally. That, and I never thought of .hack//Legend of the Twilight as bad at all. Sure, it’s not a ‘great’ manga nor is it the ‘best’ manga, but I thought it was funny and had likable characters. Maybe he isn’t big on RPGs or something, that’s part of the appeal in it.

    Oh! Congrats on 900 posts, by the way!

  2. Thanks, Cameron! I didn’t even notice! Are you reading my dashboard?

    (This is post #979 for obscure WordPress-related reasons that I don’t understand.) I guess I’d better start thinking about the 1000th-post festivities!

  3. Ah My Goddess doesn’t have much plot itself, it’s pretty repetitive.