Links and self-promotion

Be sure to check out this week’s Publisher’s Weekly Comics Week, which includes an article on Shojo Beat by yours truly and a story about the newest manga publisher, Aurora. There’s also a review of the new, improved, Parasyte.

Top Mangaka? David Welsh envisions a possible reality show.

Shojo Beat is coming up on its second anniversary, and that means it’s party time! They’ll be celebrating at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, and 50 lucky winners will win invitations.

Manga comes to the funny pages. Sort of.

Simon Jones does his own version of the new comics list, pulling out all the manga titles from Previews Adult.

On an entirely different note, the Louisville Courier-Journal discovers Christian manga.

Reviews: Connie Zhang reviews vol. 1 of Seimaden at Anime on DVD. At the Comic Book Bin, Leroy Douresseaux checks out vol. 1 of King City.

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  1. Thanks for the PW comics week link!— I liked your article :)

    I wonder about the reprint of Parasyte… Will they be uncensored? It wasn’t anything atrocious, but Parasyte from Tokyopop is one of many examples of a US publisher redrawing ‘objectionable’ nudity/fan service stuff so that it can stay in the realm of PG-13.

    The one scene I can think of off the top of my head is in Volume 1, Lefty manifesting as a phallus, which was redrawn by tokyopop as a giant Cobra. Just a thought when they talk about “improving” the series —- it’s one that I read all through junior high and high school :)