Eisner followup, con reports, and more!

David Welsh puts on his reporter’s hat for this week’s Flipped column and interviews several Eisner nominees, and Eisner judge Robin Brenner, about this year’s nominations. And over at Precocious Curmudgeon, he looks at this week’s new comics list through Eisner-tinted glasses.

The Manga Draft goes multimedia at MangaCast, with podcast and written reviews and plenty of scans from a truly meta manga, King of Editors.

I totally missed the first iteration of this, but apparently this post by Tom Brevoort, Executive Editor for Marvel, rubbed some folks the wrong way when he described the comics market as being dominated by two publishers, Marvel and DC. He came back yesterday with a followup post explaining the obvious, that the Big Two and manga don’t compete for creators or readers; they are really in different universes (so to speak). Johanna and her commenters post some excellent responses at Comics Worth Reading.

Erin F has posted her Anime Boston report, with photos, at PopCultureShock.

Ryan and Evan have an APE followup post at Same Hat, in which they defend their mini-comic and show off their loot.

Translator Satsuma wraps up vol. 2 of Murder Princess, the final volume, and asks a question about My Neighbor Totoro.

At the Rush blog, Lara Yakashma offers a sneak peek at her art for the upcoming issue.

Reviews: They’re having a bad manga day down at Prospero’s Manga, where Miranda gives vol. 1 of Mamotte! Lollipop a dishonorable mention, for ignoring basic biology, among other things, and Ferdinand delivers a solid pounding to vol. 1 of The Gentlemen’s Alliance +. AoD’s Danielle Van Gorder is considerably kinder to the one-shot Calling You, and the gang has also put out another set of Small-Bodied Manga Reviews. At Active Anime, Holly Ellingwood gets an advance look at vol. 3 of Princess Princess. Julie gives vol. 3 of Penguin Revolution a C+ at Mangamaniaccafe. Bill Sherman reviews vol. 1 of Yakitate!! Japan for Blogcritics.

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