Gon fishing

In this week’s issue of PWCW, I talk to Jim Chadwick and Asako Suzuki of CMX about their new edition of Gon, the wordless tale of a mischievous dinosaur, and Kai-Ming Cha concludes her two-part interview with David Wise and Audry Taylor of Go!Comi.

Inspired by David Welsh’s recent look at long-running series, John Jakala tallies those that have jumped the shark.

Christopher Butcher posts this week’s shipping list.

MangaCast has all kinds of news: Anime Expo schedules for DrMaster and Go!Comi; lots of info on Kyohaku Dogs, announced this week by Infinity; a handful of previews; and this week’s MangaBlogCast—I’ll post the liner notes later today.

Same Hat! Same Hat!! links to an online scanlation of Shintaro Kago’s Abstraction. The usual Same Hat warnings apply, i.e., if it’s posted there it’s probably not a good manga to read at work.

The creators known as Peach-Pit apologize for the abrupt ending of Rozen Maiden on their blog.

I imagine this will be happening in a lot of places: 7-7-07 will be 707 International Nana Day in the Philippines. (For the uninitiated: “Nana” is Japanese for “seven.”)

Reviews: Mangaijin reviews chapters 1 and 2 of Birdy the Mighty, which is available only in scanlation. At the BasuGasuBakuhatsu Anime Blog, Hung checks out vol. 2 of Kamichama Karin, vol. 5 of Nodame Cantabile, and vol. 1 of Hayate the Combat Butler. Otaku Champloo looks at two manga about lying and cooking, Liar Game and Bambino. Emily’s Random Shoujo Manga Page is back with reviews of two manga in Japanese, TsunDere! and Switch Girl!! At Okazu, Erica Friedman reviews another unlicensed title, vol. 1 of Applause. Back to manga in English: At Prospero’s Manga, Ferdinand reviews vol. 1 of Time Guardian and Miranda reads vols. 1-6 of Death Note. At the MangaCast, Readilbert checks out two vol. 4’s, of Dragon Voice and Platinum Garden, and Ed does a podcast review of Solfege and Jazz.

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  1. Psst… Kyouhaku Dogs was announced this week, not released this week.

  2. Fixed! Sorry, Ed!


  1. […] Same Hat! Same Hat!!’s Evan Hayden and Ryan Sands present a scanlation of Shintaro Kago’s short story, “Abstraction,” which ties comics formalism to a chair and forcefeeds it blotter acid until it begins puking up genitalia. Seriously, go read this right now. (Right: page from the story, which I’m guessing is ©Shintaro Kago; link via Brigid Alverson.) […]