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Advanced Media Network reports on the Seven Seas panel at Anime Expo. They announced a new yaoi line, with In the Gods Arms as the first title; a couple of yuri titles, First Love Sisters and Voiceful; the Wicked City novels, as well as a manga prequel to the live-action film; children’s novels; and some global titles: 10 Beautiful Assassins, Arkham Woods, Pandora, Invisible, Norman Prospect: Insurance Adjuster, Weird Magic, Witch Hammer. There’s lots of info at the link, including a summary of the Q&A. Erica has more on the yuri titles at Okazu.

New publisher Aurora announced two new titles, Flock of Angels, by Shoko Hamada, and Nightmares for Sale, by Kaoru Ohashi, and two more for their yaoi imprint, Deux: Spring Fever, by Yugi Yamada, and I Shall Never Return, by Kazuna Uchida. (Via Yaoi Suki.)

Anime News Network is gathering all their reports on a single page, and they report (no permalink) that Broccoli will be publishing an American version of the cosplay magazine Cosmode. Anime on DVD has a brief writeup on the Viz Media panel. And Julie from Manga Maniac Cafe has pictures. Can’t get there yourself? Ed Chavez will ask your questions for you.

Ed posts ICv2’s top 15 manga properties and adds a bit of commentary.

The envelope please…. Japan’s Foreign Ministry announced the winners of the International Manga Award, which is given to non-Japanese artists. First prize winner is Hong Kong artist Lee Chi Ching, and the runners-up were the singly-named Kai, from Hong Kong; Benny Wong Thong Hou, from Malaysia; and Madeleine Rosca, from Australia. Rosca’s manga Hollow Fields was just published by Seven Seas this week; you can check out a sample here.

Everyone is talking about the manga they’re not reading. David Welsh posts his list, Johanna adds to hers, Myk posts a longish comment at TZG 2.0, Alex Scott counts em down at Keromaru, and Estara only gets to G on her blog. And check the comments here from a couple of days ago for even more. What do we learn from all this? It seems like a lot of long series sort of stall after a while; the characters stop developing and the story gets repetitious.

Tokyopop 2.0 is NOT up; they’re still working the bugs out, so they put the old site back for now. But they put up a Mad Libs as a consolation prize.

The blog Rising Sun of Nihon is posting the manga Ello Bello with translations along the side. Page 1 is here; click the “ello bello” tag to get all the pages (three so far).

Reviews: Cons or no cons, some people are staying home and reading manga. Connie reviews vol. 1 of MPD Psycho, vol. 8 of Guru Guru Pon-Chan, and vol. 9 of From Eroica With Love. At Anime on DVD, Ariadne Roberts checks out vol. 1 of Blind Date, a Harlequin Violet manga. Dan Polley reviews vol. 10 of Swan and vol. 6 of Kage Tora at Manga Life. Active Anime’s Holly Ellingwood checks out vol. 2 of Millennium Snow, and Christopher Seamann reads the novel Calling You. At Yaoi Suki, Jen Parker reviews vol. 1 of Love Recipe. And Katherine Dacey-Tsuei reads vols. 1-7 of Eden: It’s An Endless World at PopCultureShock.

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  1. In G*ds Arms… you can’t go wrong with Catholic school boys and Priests. ^_-

  2. Wow…lotsa news there! Thanks so much!

  3. Seven Seas got a bunch of reviews in the July Newtype…and tended to be on the mature side. I will have to be checking them out.

  4. i read all of the sample for hollow hills and at first i was like “oh great a schoolgirl gets lost in a forest and finds magic school” kind of story but was pleasantly surprised. i really enjoyed the artwork as well as the story progressed. i’m still not into the whole schoolgirl cliche part of it but the art and layout, plus the setting really make up for it.

  5. Thanks for the results of the International Manga Award! I’m delighted to see an english language created piece there, and I’m surprised to see it come from Seven Seas. Their titles are often glossy but vacuous, but it seems like this title is bucking the trend. I can’t wait for it to be available in the UK!

    I just posted this on the SD forum :)