A few things to look forward to

This week’s Overlooked Manga Festival is a pre-emptive strike: Shaenon Garrity gives us a glimpse of Tekkonkinkreet in the hopes that it won’t be overlooked.

No doubt envious of the runaway success of Avril Lavigne, the KISS guys are making their first foray into manga, and they’re going all out—it’s yaoi! Ye Olde Comick Book Blogge has the press release and—brace yourself before clicking, please—some art. It’s hard to believe this isn’t a hoax—it’s not listed yet on the site of the purported publisher, BeBeautiful, but they aren’t always the best at updating—but it’s good fun anyway. (Via Comics Worth Reading.) UPDATE: Well, the art is a hoax, anyway (see comments—thanks, Alex and Kevin!). I e-mailed the BeBeautiful folks to see if any of this is true. If they respond, I’ll post it here. UPDATE 2: OK, yeah, it’s a hoax. They poached the press release from Lillian DP—not wise. Thank heaven for the self-correcting nature of the blogosphere!

Manganews highlights something that got buried in the SDCC news: DramaQueen is starting an action imprint. (Scroll down for the item.)

The bunko of Handsome Girl brings back some happy memories for the Manga Junkie.

Reviews: At the MangaCast, Jack Tse does a podcast review of Strawberry 100%, Gin Tama, and Princess Resurrection. At Manga Life, Quita Paul reviews vol. 1 of Absolute Boyfriend. At Prospero’s Manga, Ferdinand enjoys the way vol. 1 of Hollow Fields ignores the standard storylines. Holly Ellingwood gets busy at Active Anime with reviews of vol. 2 of Vampire Knight, vol. 1 of Can’t Win with You! and vol. 2 of Love Is a Hurricane.

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  1. Alex Scott says:

    Well, the cover’s definitely a fake. “Gene” and “Paul” are obviously Kaoru and Shinji from Evangelion. The towel even says “Nerv.”

    Still, o_O if it’s true.


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