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Vol. 17 of Fruits Basket moves up to number 34 on this week’s USA Today best-seller list.

At Shuchaku-East, Chloe looks at the upcoming Naruto wave and sees plenty of shoujo in its wake.

Is Viz thinking of distributing their manga online? Giapet points to a poll that seems to indicate they’re thinking about it. For a taste, check out their online preview of Pretty Face.

At One Potato Two, Satsuma is found some Kindaichi light novels. Why don’t they translate those into English? I would totally buy them!

Speaking of online manga, Netcomics started running cm0 this week. If you like josei, check it out—the first chapter is free. It’s a nice, moody story about a professor and student who have… feelings for one another, and it’s definitel worth a look. This is Netcomics’ first Japanese manga title, but there’s more to come in the near future.

Didn’t make it to Comiket this year? No problem: and Go!Comi are holding a doujinshi contest at the New York Anime Festival this December. Entries should be based on Black Sun Silver Moon; there’s a preview at the link. If that’s not your cup of tea, and Del Rey are also sponsoring a fanart contest. ComiPress has all the links for rules and submission forms.

Reviews: Carlo Santos’ latest Right Turn Only!! column is up at ANN, wherein he reviews The Last Uniform, Bombos Vs. Everything, and the Christian manga Serenity, among others. It’s a must-read. Erica Friedman reviews vol. 5 of Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~ at Okazu. This is the last volume in the series (she’s reviewing the Japanese edition) so there are big spoilers. At Active Anime, Davey C. Jones reviews vol. 1 of Aoi House In Love! and Holly Ellingwood checks out vol. 3 of Someday’s Dreamers. Michael Aronson reviews vol. 1 of To Terra at Manga Life. Ben Leary reviews a novel, vol. 1 of Witches’ Forest, for Anime on DVD. At Hobotaku, Leah doesn’t think much of vols. 1 and 2 of CLAMP School Detectives. Julie reads vol. 10 of Kekkaishi at the Manga Maniac Cafe. At Manganews, Cornerofmadness reviews The Paradise on the Hill. Over at the Comic Book Bin, Julie Gray reviews Jason Thompson’s magnum opus, Manga: The Complete Guide, and Leroy Douresseaux checks out vol. 1 of Pick of the Litter. EvilOmar reviews the first volumes of St. Lunatic High School, Fantamir, and Poison Candy at About Heroes.

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  1. Reading the free preview will give you a rough sense of the manga’s zombie-filled world and your fan manga doesn’t have to use any of the series’ characters.

    I’m sure someone’s going to take this personally—but here goes… doesn’t that sort of defeat the purpose of ‘fan-doujinshi’? Fan-books are sort of personal thing: if you’re a fan of the series you make a book based on creative perceptions of it and depict your own stories—through that series.

    I’m not knocking the the concept of a publisher sponsored contest, whatever helps them find the right kind of mangaka [snerk] but I’m dying to ask this…what are their thoughts on yaoi?