New manga and a slew of reviews

Manga Recon gets the week off to a good start with Weekly Recon, their list of this week’s new manga plus a handful of short reviews, and TheOtaku posts their list as well. If you’re looking further into the future, Ed takes a look at the latest issue of Diamond Previews.

Two must-reads in the same place: Same Hat! Same Hat!! posts a recap (with pictures!) of the Tezuka panel at San Francisco’s Asian Arts Museum. And then they post a scanlation of yet another seriously surrealistic short comic by Shintaro Kago.

At Okazu, Erica Friedman posts a two-part sneak preview of Yuri Monogatari 5.

The Star of Malaysia has an interesting article about the manga based on the Heian-era novel The Tale of Genji.

Going to Anime Vegas? Yaoi Press will be there, representing themselves and Netcomics.

Reviews: Khursten reviews Ode to Kirihito at Otaku Champloo. At Anime on DVD, Matthew Alexander checks out the adult manga Spirit of Capitalism. Michael Aronson reviews vol. 2 of To Terra, vol. 2 of Togari, and vol. 1 of Kurohime at Manga Life. At the MangaCast, Mangamaniac Julie looks at vol. 5 of Chibi Vampire, and back at the Manga Maniac Cafe, she checks out vol. 8 of Moon Child, vol. 2 of Togari, and vol. 9 of Claymore. At PopCultureShock’s Manga Recon blog, Erin F posts a flurry of brief reviews. The Star of Malaysia checks out vol. 1 of Go Go Heaven!! Leroy Douresseaux looks at vol. 1 of We Shadows at The Comic Book Bin. Michael Aronson reads vol. 1 of Kurohime, vol. 2 of Togari, and vol. 2 of To Terra at Manga Life. At Prospero’s Manga, Ferdinand takes a look at vol. 1 of Shiki Tsukai and posts an update on vols. 2 and 3 of Kashimashi. Connie checks out vol. 3 of Kashmashi and vol. 9 of Astro Boy at Slightly Biased Manga. Nick enjoys vol. 1 of Hollow Fields at Hobotaku. At Active Anime, Holly Ellingwood reviews Stolen Heart and vol. 4 of Princess Princess. At Manganews, Ishaan checks out vol. 2 of Junk and Kurishojo reads vol. 1 of Can’t Win With You. And at One Potato Two, Satsuma enjoys another Kindaichi light novel, The Cyberlodge Murders (available only in Japanese).

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