Possible Newtype USA replacement?

This just came in as a comment to the last post:

Here’s a scoop for you. ADV is telling potential advertisers that their new magazine will be called PIQ (as in “sneak peak” or “pique your interest”). The fact that it’s not being called “Anime USA” makes me think that something very different from Newtype will emerge from the rubble. There’s no media kit currently available, so it’s not like PIQ will be hitting the stands next month or anything. But anything can happen and it usually does!

Sounds interesting! I wonder if they are positioning themselves to compete more directly with Otaku USA?

UPDATE: Confirmed! The e-mail Newtype USA is sending to subscribers says PiQ will be out in March, which seems like very tight timing, and will cover “anime, manga, video games and other aspects of pop culture of keen interests to you.”

Also, Topless Robot has some interesting commentary. (Via Giapet.)

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  1. So this is in addition to Newtype USA, not replacing? Will the market support that?

  2. Oh I see now…replacing…I hope it pointed a little more towards people over the age of 15.

  3. I hope it’s a bit cheaper. The price always kept me from reading it.

  4. I subscribe, as it is cheaper, buy have never once popped in one of the DVDs included. I wish they had a DVD-free option which was 5 or 6 bucks cheaper an issue. It’s not like they are paying for the content on the DVD.

  5. I actually want to go the other way than John T. I hope they stay with the DVDs, because I like to collect them. It is nice to seem something coming up.

  6. Miss Moon says

    They have ended Newtype USA. I am very upset. PIQ focus strays from everything I loved about Newtype. This is a horrible day. ;_;
    Check out newtype-usa.com for the full explaination as to what is going on.


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