Morning 2 cover features Felipe Smith manga

I don’t read Japanese, but I believe this is the cover of the July issue of Kodansha’s Morning 2 magazine, featuring the art of American creator Felipe Smith. Here is a little more. Both are somewhat NSFW. The editor-in-chief of Morning 2, Eiijiro Shimada, has been an enthusiastic supporter of global manga in Japan. (Hat tip: Rah Love.)

Update: Takeshi Miyazawa has a peek inside.

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  1. Anonymous says


    So, what’s it about?

  2. Here’s the Google translation of the text on the second page I linked to:

    Milton, who lives in downtown Chicago is severe NERD (geeks). Nippon MANGA countries to idolize. KOWAMOTE KOMIKKUSHOPPUONA Gill of the prison back. Tokyo’s coming Yakuza, Morimoto “Rock Star” is deep in American TV drama. Milton is an idle dream of the country triggered by Japan to get a ticket. Two of the long-awaited days the first time in the history of Japanese comics, natural Dread & WANDAHO BYUTEHO writer of the new series!

    Does that help?

  3. thecolorsduke says

    As for Milton who lives in the story Chicago downtown the serious illness NERD (mania). You have yearned to the country & Japan of MANGA. As for [komitsukushiyotsupuona] gill of [kowamote], jail return. In Tokyo now [yakuza] while selling, you used Morimoto “lock star” in the American TV drama. Milton impulsively obtains the ticket to the country & Japan of dream with opportunity. Keeping two, full [biyuteho] & the wander hoe new serialization with the Japanese cartoon history upper beginning and the natural [doretsudo] writer whom we send!

  4. Thanks, that clears it up nicely!

  5. Brigid, thank you for writing about Morning Two and Feilpe! thecolorsduke, thank you for the translation.

    Here is my translation.

    Milton, who lives in downtown Chicago, is a hardcore otaku. He admires Japan for producing his favoriate manga. Gill spent his time in prison, and now he is a comic shop owner with an attitude in the town. Morimoto, a young yakuza called “Rockstar,” is a rising star of the yakuza world in Japan. He is addicted to American TV dramas. One day, Milton wins a chance to go to his dreamland Japan.

    Morning Two mangazine is proud to present this beautiful and wonderful new series done by the first drealocked manga artist in the Japanese manga history!

  6. oops!

    not Morning Two “mangazine”
    but Morning Two “magazine”

  7. Anonymous says

    Sounds like the same basic formula as MBQ

  8. Thank you, Yukari! It all makes sense now!

  9. Nice, thanks for the translations. His cover is AWESOME! Is this a one shot opportunity or is this a first ch. to a bigger thing? (prob not huh?)

  10. PEEPO CHOO is an ongoing monthly series.

  11. Hi Angel,

    This is not a one-shot story, but a series. The July issue of Morning Two has the first chapter of Felipe’s new series Peepo Choo. I hope it will be available in English in the future.

  12. Cool, I hope so too. ^_^


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