Con wrapup, edu-manga

Jason Yadao and Wilma Jandoc look at the variety of educational manga available in English in their latest column for the Honolulu Star-Bulletin.

Con reports: Linda of the Lincoln Heights Literary Society reports on Yaoi Jamboree: day 1, day 2, day 3. Digital Manga announced some new titles: Doki Doki, Color, Living for Tomorrow, Fevered Kiss, Midnight Blue, and Brilliant Blue. Gia was at Anime Next and liveblogged the Del Rey and Media Blasters panels. The Del Rey folks talked about how to submit work for their global manga line, and the Media Blasters folks said they would be doing more yaoi and moving into yuri as well. Erica Friedman has a yuri-focused recap, including what may be a new announcement, that Media Blasters will publish the yuri title Maka Maka. JP Meyer (day 1, day 2) and Hinano (Friday, Saturday) didn’t have as good a time.

The folks at the Lincoln Heights Literary Society also had some questions for Audry Taylor of Go!Comi.

OT but funny: Here’s some imaginary fandom wank from Wired’s Alt Text blog: What if the D&D crowd started critiquing cookbooks? (Via Dave Ex Machina.)

UPDATE: Felipe Smith posts about his new comic for Kodansha. (See my previous post for more.)

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  1. And yet, we soldier on. I’m plenty excited for NYAF, though. Do you do the librarian panel there?

  2. Very brave of you! I’m not a librarian, but hopefully I’ll be covering it for PWCW.