Tokyopop talk, free online manga, Go Nagai speaks!

Posting late today after a busy weekend. Fortunately, there’s lots of news going on!

Above the fold: ICv2 talks to Tokyopop director of marketing Marco Pavia (part one, part two) about the manga market in general, Tokyopop’s situation in particular, and their deals with other publishers. Below the fold, but still interesting: Tokyopop has plans in the works for a CSI manga.

The MangaCast crew pick the most enticing titles from the past week’s new releases. And if you’re thinking ahead, David Welsh has some recommendations for you from this month’s Previews.

This seems more relevant in view of the recent news of a manga collector in Iowa being prosecuted for owning allegedly obscene manga: the Japanese branch of UNICEF is pushing for stricter regulation of pornography, including “virtual” (i.e., non-photographic) child pornography.

The French website has an interview up with manga creator Go Nagai, and they have helpfully translated it into English. (Via ANN.)

Recession relief: Dark Horse is posting a chapter a week of Banya, The Explosive Delivery Man for free.

At Kuriousity, Lissa Pattillo sifts through the Amazon listings and finds some Tokyopop volumes that had been feared cancelled—and some new licenses that haven’t been announced yet. This makes Lori Henderson of Manga Xanadu very happy, as the listings include vol. 11 of Dragon Voice. But will we get that last volume of Kindaichi Case Files?

No need to check your brain at the door to read the manga recommended by Deux’s Jessica Tung in a guest post at Fujoshi Librarian.

Reviewer Michelle Smith introduces herself, discusses how she discovered manga, and lists her favorites at Manga Recon.

Coming events: If you’re going to be in London on Oct. 23, check out Paul Gravett’s multimedia presentation Discovering Manga: Secrets of Japanese Comics. More at the link.

News from Japan: Sankaku Complex (NSFW) reports on a citizen’s complaint that a library is “sexually harassing” users by shelving yaoi manga alongside other volumes. (Via The Yaoi Review.) The shoujo manga B.O.D.Y. is coming to an end, ANN reports. And Honey and Clover artist Chika Umino will draw an alternate cover for Berserk, marking that series’ return to Young Animal magazine after an absence of four months.

Reviews: Ed Sizemore has a thoughtful review of vols. 2 and 3 of Alive: The Final Evolution at Comics Worth Reading. John Thomas enjoys vol. 1 of Afro Samurai, despite not having seen the anime, at Mecha Mecha Media. Ken Haley also reviews vol. 1 of Afro Samurai, and Sam Kusek checks out vol. 1 of Suzunari, at Manga Recon. At ANN, Casey Brienza really, really doesn’t like vol. 1 of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, while Carlo Santos enjoys vol. 5 of Strawberry Marshmallow but is less excited about vol. 7 of Kitchen Princess. Connie reviews vol. 3 of Two Flowers for the Dragon, vol. 26 of GetBackers, vol. 22 of Astro Boy, Make Love and Peace, vol. 5 of Monster, vol. 8 of After School Nightmare, and Short-Tempered Melancholic at Slightly Biased manga. Lissa Pattillo checks out vol. 1 of Love Recipe at Manga Jouhou. Jason Van Horn looks at vol. 7 of Love Hina at The Hachiko. The Yaoi Review passes judgment on Heavenly Body. Kris reviews vol. 2 of Mister Mistress at Manic About Manga. Marina Neira checks out vol. 13 of Tail of the Moon and vol. 10 of Baby and Me at Marina’s Sequential Art Journal. Jones reads some newish comics, including vol. 1 of Black Jack and vols. 1 and 2 of Cat-Eyed Boy, at Let’s You and Him Fight. Julie reviews Kabuki Vol 1 Flower at MangaCast and vol. 13 of Tail of the Moon and vol. 9 of After School Nightmare at the Manga Maniac Cafe. Lori Henderson reviews vol. 6 of Togari at Comics Village. Oyceter has some brief thoughts on vols. 1-3 of To Terra at Sakura of DOOM. Sesho has podcast reviews up of vol. 1 of Castlevania: Curse of Darkness, vol. 1 of Blank Slate, vol. 1 of Dokkoida, and vol. 1 of Afro Samurai.

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