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We mentioned earlier that the manga magazine Morning Two will be offering three issues online for free. It’s only in Japanese, but it gives overseas readers the opportunity to take a look at some ground-breaking manga for free. Yukari Shiina has been kind enough to translate the page linked to below, which includes information on the schedule and why they are doing this, so read on and enjoy!

Why do we give you an opportunity to read Morning Two for free?
Dear everyone,

It’s been two years since we launched Morning Two. It’s still just two years old, but it has been very well received more than we had imagined before we launched. We, however, have heard people’s complaints that it is difficult to find the magazine in bookstores or convenience stores where you can easily find many manga magazines here in Japan. In the meantime, the sales of the paperbacks (tankoubon) into which the series of Morning Two are compiled are dozens of times bigger than the circulation of the magazine itself.

We are proud of our manga in Morning Two and think that the magazine has a potential to reach people who haven’t read it. Therefore, we would like to give you an opportunity to read our magazine and enjoy it! We are afraid that the magazine is only in Japanese, but we hope that you enjoy it!

We also hope you read Morning Two for free and then use the money for other manga works. We think that there are tons of interesting manga out there. If you find good manga, enjoy it, and love it, we, the department of Morning Two, would be very happy!!

In the next three months, we will keep uploading Morning Two magazines for free.
Here is the schedule:

October 22nd, Morning Two #14
November 21st, Morning Two #15 (The issue #14 is taken away from our website.)
December 22nd, Morning Two #16 (The issue #15 is taken away from our website.)

Issues #14 and #16 include Peepo Choo, the manga created by an American artist, Felipe Smith!

In order for you to read our free magazine, you have first to install software (Crochet) on your computer. You can install it for free. To install the software, you click the word “Crochet” next to the orange square button.

Now that you are ready to enjoy our magazine, please click the orange button and read it!!

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  1. I know that “Saint Oniisan” and “Peepo Choo” are getting all the attention – and yes, they are totally brilliant and wacky and I highly recommend them. But as possibly the lone American subscriber to Morning 2 (and let me tell you, it isn’t that easy to get here…,) I have to mention that the reason I read this magazine is a series called “Gunjou” by Nakamura Chin. It is quite possibly the best manga I have *ever* read. Right now it is my top contender for best Yuri manga of the year and I can’t see it being dethroned. “Gunjou” is violent, dysfunctional and breathtakingly touching.

    Morning 2 is definitely one of the most interesting manga magazines I’ve ever read. It’s nice to be treated as a non-bottom-feeding adult by a manga mag. :-)

  2. Hi Brigid,

    Thank you for posting my translation!

    But, I need to make a correction. The issue #16 will be posted not on November 22nd, but on December 22nd. I’m so sorry for the confusion.

    Dear Erica,

    I really appreciate you subscribing to Morning 2. We are very happy that you enjoy the magazine!

    Gonjou is critically acclaimed here in Japan, and I’ve heard that many manga artists love the work, although the paperback (tankoubon) has yet to be released.

  3. Oops! I made a mistake again! It’s not Gonjou, but Gunjou. Sorry!

  4. Hi Yukari,

    I fixed the date in the main post. Now that I look at it, it makes a lot more sense that way! ^_^

  5. Thank you!!

  6. “We, however, have heard people’s complaints that it is difficult to find the magazine in bookstores or convenience stores where you can easily find many manga magazines here in Japan.”

    Ain’t that the truth! When I went to Tokyo during the summer and I couldn’t find Morning Two anywhere!

  7. I’m having trouble installing the Crochet plug-in for my Mac. Any help, please?

  8. Hi Yukari – I am not surprised, but I am very pleased to hear that Gunjou is critically acclaimed. Ever since I got my first glimpse of it, it’s impressed me. (The entire magazine impresses me, in fact.) I think Nakamura Ching might be one of the best mangaka I’ve ever read. Her storytelling and pacing are breathtaking.




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