Vertical chief: Don’t count us out

Vertical Editorial Director Ioannis Mentzas has released a statement on the rumors that his company has hit choppy financial waters. Here it is:

Vertical didn’t lay off “a number of people.” We’ve had to laid off just one. It’s true that we’re seeking new financing, but it’s news to me that without it we’ll be “the next company to hit the skids.” The situation is tight but I don’t think we’re unique there, and Vertical has been through worse. Black Jack becoming a national bestseller would definitely help, though!

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  1. The holidays are just around the corner…


  1. […] had to let someone go, although managment says that they’re doing just fine. That being said, according to Brigid, wouldn’t mind if they got a few more sales off of Black Jack. And, if Black Jack is anything […]