New Queenie Chan story, manga dominates June GN list, and AX highlights

ICv2 has BookScan’s top-selling graphic novels for June, and manga dominates the list with 17 titles.

If you’re not a regular Yen+ reader, this might be a reason to check it out: Queenie Chan (The Dreaming, Odd Thomas) has a 33-page short-story in the July issue. She shows off a bit of the art in her LJ, and it looks quite lovely.

Kate Dacey isn’t waiting for the end of the year—she has a poll up now for the best manga of 2009. Oddly, I don’t see Witchblade up there…

Are you looking for the elusive vol. 34 of Initial D? Wilma Jandoc found listings for it—but it’ll cost ya!

Alethea and Athena Nibley discuss translators’ notes in their latest column at Manga Life.

Deb Aoki puts on her manga goggles to check out today’s events at Anime Expo.

News from Japan: ANN has the latest comics rankings from Oricon and Tohan.

Reviews: From the sound of it, Erica Friedman’s review of vol. 3 of Ghost Talker’s Daydream is much more entertaining than the book itself. David Welsh’s comments on Emma are more appreciation than review, but it’s a good opportunity to look at some nice art. And Sesho goes all multimedia on us for his review of vol. 1 of Maid Sama: His podcast review includes info on how to win a free copy, and he embeds the first chapter on his blog, using Tokyopop’s manga reader—this is the first time I have seen anyone actually do that.

Kate Dacey on vol. 1 of The Big Adventures of Majoko, vol. 2 of The Magic Touch, and vol. 1 of The Manzai Comics (The Manga Critic)
Casey Brienza on vol. 1 of Dinosaur Hour (Graphic Novel Reporter)
Connie on vol. 18 of Fullmetal Alchemist (Slightly Biased Manga)
Courtney Kraft on vol. 1 of Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo (Graphic Novel Reporter)
AstroNerdBoy on vol. 1 of Gunsmith Cats Revised Edition (AstroNerdBoy’s Anime and Manga Blog)
Julie on vol. 10 of High School Debut (Manga Maniac Cafe)
Connie on vol. 3 of Kiichi and the Magic Books (Slightly Biased Manga)
David Rasmussen on vol. 9 of Kurohime (Manga Life)
Lorena on vol. 1 of Land of the Blindfolded (i heart manga)
Casey Brienza on vol. 1 of Leave it to PET (Graphic Novel Reporter)
Ed Sizemore on vol. 2 of Mao-Chan (Comics Worth Reading)
Connie on vol. 2 of Mixed Vegetables (Slightly Biased Manga)
Melinda Beasi on vol. 1 of Sarasah (There it is, Plain as Daylight)
Ysabet Reinhardt MacFarlane on Tail of the Moon Prequel: The Other Hanzo(u) (Manga Life)

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  1. Witchblade has the right to exist! It has the right to be nominated for awards! Can we please stop the hate!:) Has nobody read the last volume of Tezuka’s manga epic Phoenix, last panel, where the phoenix transforms into the Witchblade? I think that the fact that the Great Master originated the concept gives it legitimacy. I think it should win every manga award possible. I also say that it should go up for a Hugo, maybe even the National Book Award. Even Shirow Masamune has said that in the future, all networks will be controlled by the Witchblade. The first shojo manga was written about a girl who tried to use the Witchblade to make a boy love her. In complete contrast to this, would the whole shonen boob genre exist without Witchblade? Wasn’t the Witchblade manga the first manga to dare to say that no costume is a costume? In the end, everyone has to agree that without Witchblade, manga as we know it wouldn’t exist. “Leave Witchblade Aloonnnneeeee!”

  2. Concerning the Initial D vol 34 – this is a crazy story of someone trying to shamelessly make profit… I certainly do hope that there is no kid out there who gets fooled by the fact that 999.99 is visually not that far from 9.99, and doesn’t go ahead buying it, not seeing the position of the dot (don’t tell me this is just a coincidence)
    And since I was curious, I did a quick search for one of the sellers – internationalbooks on Google, and sure enough, this came up:
    It seems that they have tried (and done) shameless business before.